Burlotti Spedizioni S.p.A is a company that, for almost eighty years, has been operating in the freight transport sector, in particular for third parties. The service is offered on the whole territory both national and international; the capillarity and the deep presence allow our customers to have a fast and punctual service everywhere.

The experience gained over time and the close relationships with our customers and our suppliers have allowed us to develop an important wealth of skills that have improved our efficiency and the quality of the services, allowing us to combine the basic freight with logistics services.

Our customers know they can always rely on us. We listen to their needs, their points of view and together we study the most suitable solutions to achieve their purposes of quality and punctuality.

Our team is highly specialized and in continuous training, the company fleets are reliable and constantly renewed, the warehouses are our property and the offices are rooted throughout the national territory, near ports and strategic points for the departure and the arrival of goods.



Burlotti Spedizioni is a company that for many years has been carrying goods all over Italy and all over the world. From simple trucking activity, we have become real partners in logistics for all types of companies that have to send goods either domestically or abroad.

Our work is carried out efficiently at all levels. Our partners share our values and our company philosophy with passion and professionalism. Our services flexibly adapt to all customer needs, their satisfaction is our aim. Our experience, our knowledge and our capillarity on the territory guarantee the performance of services with precision and punctuality.

We care about the satisfaction of all our customers, we encourage the dialogue to establish lasting relationships and mutual trust.


Having a winning team of motivated employees who, sharing the same business objectives, feels part of a "Family".


The history of Burlotti Spedizioni S.p.A. begins in Darfo Boario Terme, in the province of Brescia.

Already during the Second World War the Burlotti family, made up of the parents and seven children, took care of local transport of building materials and various household goods with wagons and horses.

At the end of the war, in 1946, Pietro Burlotti changed the family activity by orienting it towards industrial transport, replacing wagons and horses with the fastest trucks.

Pietro, with his brothers Giuseppe and Angelo, establishes a new trucking company at the service of the industry that is beginning to recover after the war. The company takes the name of "Pietro Burlotti Spedizioni" and begins to assume its own personality and expands its activities by carrying out transport and shipments for the steel industry of Valle Camonica and Brescia.

In 1971 the Burlotti couple founded the "Burlotti Spedizioni S.p.A." which further increases the activity in shipping and domestic transport. In 1986 the "Burlotti Spedizioni S.p.A." business grows beyond national borders in the field of international transport and in the management of disembarkation, embarkation and transport to and from Italian seaports.

In 2004 the control of the company passed to the Mariotti family, a reality that has been operating in the transport sector for over 30 years. Also thanks to the entry of new and young forces and the vitality deriving from this union, Burlotti Spedizioni knows years of strong growth and development.

The company currently maintains its headquarters and general management in Darfo Boario Terme and can count on 13 branches located throughout Italy and close to the main sea ports.


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  • via Aria Libera, 86 25047
    Darfo Boario Terme
    via Aria Libera, 86 25047 Darfo Boario Terme
  • 0039 0364 531331
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • via Aria Libera, 86 25047
    Darfo Boario Terme
    via Aria Libera, 86 25047 Darfo Boario Terme